Why the UQ Union Complex should be saved

Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1) Friday at noon Hear why the University of Queensland Union complex should be heritage listed!

Hear interviews with Howard Guille (former Qld Heritage Councillor) and Desley Agnoletto (former manager of the Schonell Theatre.

Images: Opening of the Schonell Theatre in 1971 and Forum during Vietnam Moratorium in 1970

Listen to the program HERE


Eurythmics – 1984
Jumping Fences – Sounds of a Town
Parameters – Pig City

Individuals, theatre groups, community organisations, trade unions, everyone can have a say. Please make a submission to the Heritage Council heritage@des.qld.gov.au and quote Heritage Register Number 650238.
See image on how to make a submission.


Statement by Paradigm Shift on Operation SLIPPER

Jamie Larcombe was just nineteen
When he signed up for the Operation
The Generals called ‘SLIPPER’
Code for global war
In Afghanistan, Middle East and the
Gulf of Aden
No medals will bring Jamie home,
That boy from Kangaroo Island
Last Train to Mirabad by Ian Curr

Operation SLIPPER

Recently the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have been raiding both the ABC and News Corp looking for information about an Afghan vet who has revealed war crimes by Australian Generals. There have been many stories in the press about the AFP’s wide-ranging “new” powers of search but we are more concerned about the victims of these war crimes.

The whistleblower/source now faces life imprisonment after these raids by the AFP of the ABC and News Corp … just look how readily both organisations complied with search warrants giving up private files to police.

And read how pissed off the whistleblower was with the ABC:

“I gave Dan Oakes (ABC) the information in 2016 … He ran a different story. My story was about bad leadership and bad generals. He ran a story about bad soldiers [not generals as I wanted]. ”

And, he said “the ABC was “reckless” in publishing documents online that … led to his arrest:

“At the time I was pretty angry because (the ABC) published the document on the internet and it was pretty obvious where it had all come from. People in Defence could work out that the common link with the documents was me”

What happened to the maxim: ‘Never reveal your source’ when it is not safe to do so.

Notes by Ian Curr

Image – Gough Whitlam opens UQU complex extensions circa 1989.

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