Top 10 Protest Songs of 2016

Andy does a retrospective on political music from 2016 – Andy: ” …. some of the best protest songs from 2016. Say what you like about the year, but it did produce some good political music .

Ian asks what is protest music. Andy adopts a broader definition … different styles and ideas. Discussion of the legacy of Pete Seeger … ‘mass crowd sing-a-long’. Biggest year in a long time. A lot of music against Trump.

Starting off with Beans on Toast’s song 2016 that covers political issues as eclectic as refugees, radion personality Terry Wogen, Trump, the Panama Papers, and gay marriage.

Izzy from Combat Wombat sang about boat people.

Jono Sri and the Mouldy Lovers sang about the right to the city.

Seun Kuti sang about political corruption in the ruling party (C.P.C.D.) in Nigeria : “Give them my vote … give me war .. kill the poor.  Promise jobs … close the factories …  politics of pain … politics of fear .  Give me my vote back”

Many issues covered in these songs but is this politics or are there broader political questions to be addressed?

Listen at

Beans On Toast – 2016
Combat Wombat – Asylum
Mouldy Lovers – Civilised crossfire
Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 – Gimme my vote back (C.P.C.D.)
Ravana – All politicians are criminals
Lila Downs – The demagogue
A Tribe Called Red – Black snakes
Beyonce – Formation
A.B. Original – January 26
Dispossessed – Black panther

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