Refugee solidarity (Meanjin) revisited

The Paradigm Shift today [12 November 2021] was about connecting with the refugees locked up by our inhumane government. Andy chats with Dane De Leon from Refugee Solidarity Meanjin to get an update on what that group’s been up to since the lengthy occupation at Kangaroo Point last year.

And also to Keyna Wilkins – who is this week launching an album she has made collaborating with detained refugee Jalal Mahamede.

And we play a bunch of songs all made collaborating with refugees who were locked up just for seeking asylum. 12-1pm (Qld time), 102.1fm or (where you can also stream it later @

Scattered People is screening at the ETU rooms in South Brisbane This Saturday 13 Nov 2021. See Refugee Action Collective fb page for details.

KP Prison in Meanjin (Brisbane)

Phil Monsour and Kazem Kazemi – Eight years too long
Farhad Bandesh and Anna Liebzeit – Freedom
Jalal Mahamede and Keyna Wilkins – Set me free
Jalal Mahamede and Keyna Wilkins – Nothing is in place
Scattered People – On the turning away

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