Street Marches 1967 – 1977

This film is a record of street marches that were banned by successive Queensland governments. In 1967 the Nicklin government tried to stop the anti-Vietnam war protests. Huge moratorium demonstrations marched through the city.

Then, ten years later, the Bjelke-Petersen government banned street marches to stop the anti-uranium movement from mobilising people to Hamilton No 4 wharf in Brisbane. The day of the political street march was over. Or was it?

‘Valley of Death’ – Brisbane 22 October 1977

The democratic rights struggles led to the largest mass defiance of a government in Australian history from September 1977 till July 1979. Over 2,000 people were arrested trying to march.

In 1977, the stated aim of this extra-parliamentary opposition was to bring down a repressive government that supported transnational mining companies (bauxite & uranium). The popular opposition was reflected in the campaign slogan ‘Joh Must Go‘ prominent in rallies and marches during that period.

Ian Curr
15 Feb 2022

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