Resist Land Forces

Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1) May 21, 2021

This week on the show we have more analysis on the weapons industry. With the Land Forces weapons convention coming up very soon in Brisbane, we talk to Elise West from the Medical Association for the Prevention of War about arms industry influence in schools, and with Marianne Hanson from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons about the nuclear arms industry.

We also play an extract from Cynthia Cockburn’s “Breaking the gendered continuum of violence“, about how militarism extends violence against women.

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Pictured below are Short Range Iranian missiles in Gaza that prevented a bloody incursion of Israeli land forces into Gaza. Knowing the difficulty of such an assault, Israel used the world media to fool people into thinking they were in Gaza, on the ground, attacking the resistance in Gaza on 20 May on 2021. Instead the Israeli army used missiles and artillery killing over 200 people many of them children. Meanwhile Israel used its total air supremacy dropping bombs on tunnels used to smuggle important goods and medical supplies through the blockade

Short Range Iranian missile in Gaza that prevented Israeli land forces ground attack on Gaza in May 2021.
The Israeli army used missiles and artillery instead killing over 200 people many of them children.


AKALA … Murder runs the globe

MOULDY LOVERS … Civilised crossfire

DECLAN KELLY FEAT. TINA HARROD … Put down that weapon

MYSTIKZ … Anti war dub

JUDY SMALL … Bridget

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