This week Paradigm Shift spoke about “placemaking” with David Engwicht – what does it mean to create places designed for human and community flourishing?

What are some examples?

We also play some great songs about places in Brisbane.

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This is part of a series of two programs Andy will be back next week with part 2.

Placemaking with David Enwicht from Creative Communities International, Business Boosters Program, and 7-day make over.
Placemaking definition – ‘homemaking’, making a public space with a sense of home. Previous generations had the corner store but now common space is shrinking and becoming atomised. [There is a privatisation of public spaces being allowed by state and local governments.]

Andy – These days we spend a lot of time inside (in homes & cars & online) giving a feeling of placelessness.

DE – The 6 foot high fence and garage as an entrance to a house has a lot to do with reducing the sense of neighbourhood. So David converted his yard into a ‘pubic park’. It already had a bike track on three sides. Thus changed his neighbours perception of the local area. 50% speculated that the furniture in the yard would be stolen. Two and a half years later this has not happened which gives people a different view. A filter of fears.

Andy – Is this an example of nostalgia for the good old days?

DE – We don’t wish to go back to the days when women were expected to stay at home and look after the kids but keeping the home and building support and community networks are important especially in times of crisis like the bushfires and pandemic. Otherwise people are isolated.

David spoke about the great effort to makeover Tuncurry by townspeople on the central coast of NSW. He said that desgn is important but the feelings and changes must come from the community. He did not distinguished between the official and the DIY. He said that councils need to be less proscriptive outlining purpose and objectives rather than ways of achieving that.

Notes by Ian Curr
24 July 2020

Indigenous Intrudaz – Inala still the same
Black Parasol – Chermside
D-Rouser – Logan town
Paddy McHugh – Brunswick Street
Bertie Page Clinic – My sister’s friend’s cousin from Woodridge

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