‘Soldier, we love you’

Welcome to the Paradigm Shift on FM 102.1 4ZZZ Fridays at noon. We challenge the assumptions of our current society, to resist oppression … November 27, 2020

Following on from allegations of war crimes by Australian troops in Afghanistan Ian Interviews:

Senator Jordan Steele-Young, Greens Spokesperson for Peace, Disarmament and Veterans’ Affairs; and,

Former diplomat, Alison Broinowski (War Powers Reform ) who is part of a people’s inquiry for an Independent and Peaceful Australia

Podcast of show:

Broadcast on PShift (4ZZZ fm102.1) on 27 Nov 2020.
Image: Protestors in Roma Street Forum (Emma Miller place) during Anti-Iraq war rally Roma Street Brisbane February 16, 2003. Photo held by John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Over 100,000 people attended (not all shown here).

Peter Hunt – Carry Me
Rita Martinson – Soldier, we love you

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