Assange, Terror and Climate Wars

Paradigm Shift 17 Jan 2020 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday at Noon.

Not only do victors write the history, but they also prosecute in the courts.

Ian hosts a program talking with Dr John Jiggens and Adlin about the campaign to bring Julian Assange home. Dr Jiggens points out why a new book by Imre Salusinszki The Hilton Bombing and the Ananda Marga is wrong. Evan Pederick did not bomb the Hilton in 1978 to kill Indian Prime Minister Desai. Jiggens says it was the NSW Special Branch that organised the Hilton bomb that killed two garbage workers and a policeman.

The show begins with a report by John Jiggens about the campaign to rescue Julian Assange from deportation to the United States to face espionage changes. Jiggens, Adlin and Ian discuss

Adlin (b 1988), a child of change from East Berlin, provides four songs and her take on climate justice and the current rallies to sack Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Ian outlines the Paradigm Shift’s take on all three issues.

Julian Assange is a controversial figure who revealed the brutal murder of civilians in Baghdad by US helicopter crews. The Video produced was called “Collateral Murder” and stung the American establishment on both sides of politics. President George W Bush on the Republican side because he instigated the war based on a lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. On the Democrat side, Assange released Hillary Clinton’s emails showing how Clinton supported wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Clinton was always careful to be pro-Israel in any Middle Eastern conflicts. It is alleged that Assange’s release of the Clinton emails tipped the balance in favour of the Trump 2016 Presidential election. So both sides of politics want to get Assange. [John Jiggens says that Assange fell victim to a honey-trap in Sweden that gave the authorities the ammunition to deport him to the US].

Paradigm Shift has done a number of shows on Assange, and his informant Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Snowden is the only one of the three whistle-blowers still at large. [Hear from Dr John Jiggens from the Campaign to bring Julian Home.

  1. Why is it important to bring Assange back to Australia where he grew up?
  2. What was the real success of Wikileaks from a journalists perspective?

Interviews with Julian’s father John Shipton about conditions in Belmarsh prison and UN Special Rappontuer on Torture Nils Melzer who has described the treatment of Assange by the UK, Sweden and the US as legal torture.

Imre Salusinszky’s biography of convicted Hilton Bomber has just come out. This books defends Special Branch, ASIO and armed forces against allegations they were somehow involved in the Hilton Bombing.

[to Jiggens]

1 In 1991 you wrote a book after the Hilton Bombing trials. it was called the Incredible Exploding Man. What is your take on this new book?

Sack Scomo Rallies

Last week (10 Jan) we had a shift in the political climate with sell attended rallies in Brisbane and Sydney. Unfortuneately the rally in Melbourne was poorly attended because of the weather and because the Daniel Andrew’s Labor government came out against the rally.

The ALP in Victoria seems to have adopted a leave it to us attitude.

[Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who urged protesters to postpone the event, sent protest organisers a stern warning on Thursday, telling ABC Radio “they risk losing support from those like him that believe in climate change”.]

Meanwhile the Green’s vote which usually hovers around 10% is on the rise on the back of serious impacts of climate change in Australia and abroad.

Paradigm Shift was there at the rally in Brisbane organised by rthe Uni Students for Climate Justice. Let’s hear more about this grom Jonathan Sri, councillor for the Gabba Ward who spoke to about 10,000 people at the rally.

Note: The Uni Students for Climate Justice responded to government criticism that they have alienated workers by inviting the Qld Council of Unions Secretary Michael Clifford to speak at the first rally and Rural Fire Service volunteer to speak at the second rally.

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