Another world is possible …

Assange, Palestine and Isolation – Pardigm Shift 25 Sep 2020

Big Ride Recap
Another world is possible…

Another world is possible…

While the Tour de France was coming to a close on the Avenue des ChampsÉlysées in Paris, 92 bike riders and 15 teams were completing over 8000 km in Australia. That is roughly the distance from Paris across Europe and Asia to Seoul in Korea. Not a single media organisation in Australia covered the big ride for Palestine. Why?

The Big Ride has raised over $33,000 for the Bourj el Barajneh camp in Beirut where refugees lack food, basic health services and the right to work. While the Tour de France peloton were sipping champagne in Paris before the eyes of the world, refugees in the camp are struggling to survive.

We also covered the final week of Assange extradition trial at the old Bailey in London. This featured reports of comments by Julia Gillard, Scott Ludlum, Dr John Jiggens and John Shipton (Julian’s father)

Finally we played tracks from Andy’s Isolation MixTape #2 and one from Ian’s collection of Covid Isolation songs.

Phil Monsour – Stand with Us
Screeh Tramps – Stephan’s Needle [from Andy’s Isolation MixTape #2]
The Cure – In Between Days
Lucinda Williams – Passionate Kisses
Phil Monsour – Hoola Darweesh’s Homework
Allie SherlochPerfect [ Ed Sheeran cover], guitarist Phily Campbell & Cuan Durkin singing in Italian

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