Not “cancelled” by Zed

I have been receiving persistent calls and emails from 4ZZZ management since my International Women’s Day broadcast on the Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon).

I have politely asked management to desist as I have resigned from the station and want nothing further to do with it. They have very few people interested in organising for social change. From ten (10) years experience, I can say attempts to mobilise people via 4ZZZ achieves minimal results. Very few of their supporters are interested in the news or what it means. For many, being a Zedder is a life style choice. Above all, it is important to be ‘cool’. Many of their shows are narrow and boring with announcers doing their own thing inside a bubble.

They say they support local music but took 7 or 8 years of broadcasting before they put a local band in their hot 100. There are many local musicians ignored entirely simply because the cool people don’t like their genre of music or because it is too political or ‘uncool’. They follow fads and take every critique personally rather than see it for what it is, an attempt to break out of insular social groupings. They say I am a bitter and out of touch. Perhaps I am, but that does not make my critique untrue or unsound.

I heard similar criticisms of 4ZZZ 40 years ago at the UQU Forum so what I am saying is not even groundbreaking.

I was stopped in the street recently by a Zedder who says he will never listen or subscribe to 4ZZZ again. He spoke to me for over an hour with his criticisms, so much so that a friend walking by said that she felt like rescuing me. However I was happy to listen to his own critique. If you stop listening you won’t ever understand.

Apparently management did wish to consult with me for a name change for Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon).

I am not surprised.

Station management dobbed Paradigm Shift into the regulator claiming falsely that the speeches in the IWD 21 broadcast amounted to ‘hate speech’ and were in ‘violation of the sex discrimination act.’

I have consistently defended the broadcast on the basis that the speeches amounted to nothing more than ‘honestly held belief‘. Mind you, as I told management straight after the broadcast, I would not make the same broadcast again because it did not achieve anything and probably just set back already deep divisions in the women’s movement over transgender politics even further.

I did not choose the name Paradigm Shift nor would I have given the opportunity. These are the compromises faced when volunteering for community radio like 4ZZZ. Anyway, what’s in name? It is what you do that matters, how you organise. Here are some questions put to me recently about my history with the station.

Bob: I heard from a couple of folks about your ZZZ cancelling. Would like to hear your version sometime.

Ian: I was not “cancelled”, I resigned from 4ZZZ on principle. I broadcast eight (8) speeches from international women’s day (IWD) rallies in Brisbane. Station management took exception to my IWD broadcast claiming concern about the issue of “transgender”.

Management reported that Paradigm Shift broadcast to the regulator, the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) saying the broadcast contains hate speech. I say the broadcast contains ‘honestly held belief’. But I think there is more to management’s objection than they are saying.

As you can imagine, this is not the first time 4ZZZ management (or board of management) has objected to my broadcasts. For example they did so in 1977 when Y and I interviewed Senator Neville Bonner to ask him why he went along with Fraser’s Uranium ‘decision’ when it was against his own people’s best interests. I did not make another appearance on 4ZZZ again till 2011, a ‘34 year suspension’.

4ZZZ went through some dark years politically because they wanted to be accepted for a high power licence in the late 70s and were prepared to ditch programs being made by the Left who were organising the longest period of mass defiance of a government in Australian history (1977-1979) [with the exception of the aboriginal resistance].

I turned up at the station with about six Latin Americans in 2012 and the Zed people inside wouldn’t let me in to do an interview with a Chilean student leader from Santiago. It took me about an hour to convince them we weren’t communist invaders wanting to take back the station that they had purloined from the Communist Party for a song.

A manager also objected when I broadcast a satirical interview I did with Pauline Hanson. On another occasion, a manager and board member objected when I challenged Dept of Children’s Services (DOCs) for stealing aboriginal kids … a director general in DOCs rang up the station, threatened the manager, making false claims about the legality of what I had broadcast. I think the was out-of-her-depth politically, panicked and rang me in the middle of a demonstration where people were being arrested, accusing me of breaching broadcasting guidelines. She even dragged me before a 4ZZZ board member insisting that I explain why I should continue broadcasting. An aboriginal woman who attended the meeting explained my broadcast and the manager and a board member relented, allowing the show to continue.

So as much as X. might try to cast me into the role of martyr, I do not fit his Christian narrative. This is one of the problems with the Bring Julian Assange home campaign.

You should listen sometime on radio 4PR – Voice of the People. You can hear it on all the major podcast platforms.

Bob: Did you ever watch the video I sent around a while back, and interview between Bobmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald?

Ian: Do you mean this interview between Dore and Greenwald ?

I don’t like Jim Dore, I think he is sanctimonious.

In solidarity

2 thoughts on “Not “cancelled” by Zed”

  1. This was the one.

    I know what you mean about Dore. He turns me off too. But some of the nicest people were Nazis and some terrible people opposed them!


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