What are people doing about resisting occupation?

Paradigm Shift (11 June 2021) today looks back at the week of resistance to the arms trade that was Disrupt Land Forces. Andy speaks to organiser Margie Pestorius , West Papuan activist Poro Bibi , plus Tara Mae who stormed the arms fair and jumped on top of a tank.
12-1pm, 102.1fm or 4zzz.org.au (where you can also stream it later at http://4zzz.org.au/…/paradigm-shift/2021-06-11).

In Myanmar, Palestine, Arkine state, West Papua … The importance of this cannot be underestimated nor judged by people that are not living under violent colonialism.  For example Hamas resists Israel.  The ‘peacemakers’ the Palestinian Authority (PA) collaborates with Israel.

Mouldy Lovers – Civilised crossfire
Zelda Da – Kangan bunuh kami lagi
DJ Ali – Asymmetrical warfare
Aireleke – Full freedom

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