Disrupting Land Forces

1 June 2021

The weapons corporations have arrived in Meanjin (Brisbane) in late May. Over 200 corporations dealing in tanks, military weapons systems, missiles, munitions are in heart of South Brisbane at the convention centre. Selling arms to Indonesia is high on the agenda while West Papua is being militarised and human rights abuses increase.

Meanwhile two people (pictured) who climbed on top of a truck were in court yesterday for their direct action.

Andy, after receiving a $1000 fine for public nuisance, had this to say;

“I just got out of lockup and court, officially a public nuisance. I (along with Jim dressed as the “spectre of death”) climbed on top of a truck entering the Brisbane Convention Centre and stopped vehicles belonging to some of the world’s biggest arms dealers from entering and setting up for the Land Forces weapons expo.

Plenty more disruption to come this week, keep an eye out or if you’re in Brisbane come along to Disrupt Land Forces

Jim pled not guilty and was imposed with restrictive bail conditions that would have prevented him returning to the convention centre to protest. On principal, the spectre of death, Jim, refused these bail conditions and will be held in custody until at least the end of the Land Forces expo.

Solidarity to Jim, but I hope others can stay out of jail … the arms dealers won’t have much to fear from people in jail.

More about Land Forces @ http://4zzz.org.au/program/paradigm-shift

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