Having left the Middle East in chaos, the United States is trying to protect its military superiority in the Indo-Pacific. Like a devoted child, Australia is going along for the ride providing an even greater base for US military superiority.

On this week’s Paradigms Shift, Andy manages to get a submariner on the show to criticise the new nuclear sub deal with United States. Not that the $90 billion French deal didn’t deserve criticism. Former submarine, Rex Patrick, is now an independent MP from South Australia and he shows up the admirals and defence budget analysts with a stinging rebuke.

What a pathetic government we have. 😂

Controlling the seas
A key U.S. strategic goal is to dominate the critical sea-lanes between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, through which a large portion of world trade passes. This includes the majority of China’s exports and imports, and the Middle Eastern oil supplies that are so essential to the functioning of its economy.

These sea lanes produce choke points and the US wants to deploy Australian submariners into those places to thwart Chinese attempts to break potentional US blockades of Chinese trade. It seems to me we would be fighting against our own economic interests because of the strong trade relationship we have with China.

What a pathetic President the US has, Joe Biden even forgot Scott Morrison’s name calling him ‘that fella from down under’ when they signed the deal!

Paradigm Shift


This week’s show is about last week’s AUKUS announcement – what does Australia’s new military alliance mean, how does it relate to potential conflict in our region, and what’s the go with these new submarines? I speak to international relations academic Vince Scappatura, and to former submariner, now senator Rex Patrick.

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