Climate Change Conference of the People – a photo essay

Andy from the Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon) gives a roundup of climate action while Scott Morrison swans around Glasgow at the latest ‘Climate Change Conference of Parties’.


This week, politicians from around the world will gather in Glasgow for Climate Change Conference of Parties. Our own Scott Morrison will be there, showing off his brand new “Australian Way” plan for pretending to do something about climate change. But across Australia over the last few weeks has been a different kind of gathering for climate action. In all the cities and towns of this continent, people have been out on the streets or on the climate frontlines – disrupting destructive work, raising awareness, reminding us all that we can have more of a role in the climate action discussion than just swearing at the news. It has been extraordinary in scale and diversity. These are just some examples of what’s been happening.

Let’s start on October 11th (first day out of lockdown in NSW!), when Illawarra residents blocked vehicles headed to the Russell Vale coal mine, opposing its…

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