Political Music

This week on the Paradigm Shift is a special episode where you get to hear the fruits of Andy’s labour digging through the 4ZZZ CD library. I spent a while digitising old CDs that had fallen through the cracks and today on the show play a selection of mostly forgotten political songs from the compact disc era!

Exodus and the Wailers – Traffic jam

Ken Boothe – Is it because I’m black?

Steve Towson – The Ogoni 9

H-Block 101 – Koka-colonisation

Strange Tenants – Soldier boy

Dead Prez – We need a revolution

Scripted Dialects – Star Wars

Penelope Swales – Bougainville

Judy Small – What was her name?

Ani Difanco and Utah Phillips – The most dangerous woman

Emmylou Harris – The pearl

Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich – Don’t kill the animals

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