Merchants of Death arrive in Brisbane

Arms dealers inside the Brisbane Convention Centre clapped and cheered Queensland police as they arrested peace activists trying to stop more arms deals between Australia and Saudi Arabia, Elbit Systems and Israel, Rheinmetall and Indonesia. These people should be outlawed from Brisbane and their dirty deals banned. Watch the video below as the Queensland Government throws its police force behind the arms dealers.

Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in front of a Rheinmetall armoured car in Rockhampton

It’s a bit like Bob Brown going with an anti-Adani convoy rolling through Central Queensland demanding voters shun coal. This was during the 2019 federal election, the convoy went straight into the heart of the beast. A play to the media, certainly? How are the mainstream media gonna help stop the merchants of death when mainstream papers, magazines and websites are full of arms dealers adverts?

Tactically, quite a question mark hangs over both Brown’s anti-Adani campaign decision and the Land Forces mob going into the convention centre. May have been better to concentrate on building a large crowd for a blockade from outside.

Nonetheless a game and spirited first try by Disrupt Land Forces at blockading these merchants of death.

Australian government supports arms deals

Documents released under Freedom of Information reveal Australia approved 103 military export permits to UAE and Saudi during the Yemen war – and denied just three permit applications. Michelle Fahy investigates Australia’s escalating export trade in weapons with the Saudi dictatorship, in defiance of its international commitments.

The Defence Department allowed local weapons-making companies to export to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, two countries behind the disastrous Yemen war, even as the UN was pleading for the rest of the world to stop supplying weapons to these countries.

An Australian breakthrough in drone technology that makes it easier to locate hidden enemy on the battlefield could also be used to target civilian protesters. The US government has already used surveillance drones to monitor Black Lives Matters protests while Israel last week reportedly used small drones to drop tear gas on Palestinian protesters. Michelle Fahy investigates.

A lethal drone featuring breakthrough technology, developed by a Brisbane-based company, is causing a stir …

Ian Curr
4PR Voice of the People
4 June 2021

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