Wages Theft

All wages are theft 
            - Humphrey McQueen, historian

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark
             - Hamlet

This week we talk wage theft in Queensland, past and present.

We discuss the Qld government inquiry into wage theft released today with Marianna O’Gorman from the McKell Institute. “Over a third of superannuation is stolen by the employer. If $10,000 stolen today that represents $35,000 a person retires in 30 years time,” Marianna O’Gorman, said.

We also speak with lawyer Jonathan Kawa about a class action lawsuit to recover decades worth of wages that were never paid to aboriginal workers. There are over 6,700 Aboriginal workers in the class action against Queensland government and there are potentially over 10,000 workers who was had wages stolen. The Labor government seems to be saying one thing doing because the Government refused to negotiate with the class action lawyers.

Bruce Springsteen – Factory
Petrol Girls – Strike
Dawn Daylight – Culture
Bryte – World on strike
The Currency – 888

Listen @ http://4zzz.org.au/program/paradigm-shift/2018-11-16

Wage Theft, Economic Distress
The impact of wage theft on Queensland’s Economy & Workers

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