Guilt by Association

Broadcast on 26 Sept 2014

Announcers – Andy, Cassio, Ian

Discussion of new ASIO laws, recent raids by anti-terror police, police shooting of 18 yr old boy,  interview with Chris Breen, refugee activist about media beat ups of refugees as ‘terrorists’…

Fairfax and Murdoch media are now trying to outdo each other in the politics of guilt by association. Fueled by facebook misinformation, editors have sensationalised the actions of an 18 year boy leading to his being shot and killed by police.

Government ministers and police chiefs are celebrating the distraction of the politics of fear.

To get an idea of how crazy things have gone in the past week … it is hard to fathom what happened from the media reports … but police have shot and killed an 18 yr boy who seems to have cracked under the pressure of being bailed up by police, his house and room raided and his passport seized … finally he appears to have lost it outside a police station in Melbourne and slashed two terror squad members. There are raids of people suspected of sympathising with jihad: police operations, we are told, involving up to ‘800 officers’ … meanwhile mosques are being attacked and muslims abused … governments have given police powers to detain and suppress information.

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