Sovereignty and Solidarity

landRights2 copyDecolonise our land, not your mind

Ian on Paradigm Shift [4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 18 Mar 2016 at noon] presents two aspects of the struggle for Sovereignty and Solidarity.

  1. Campaign against nuclear waste dump. In the wake of the Mukaty victory against a nuclear waste dump on their land, Meret and Hilliary go on a grand tour of the 6 new proposed sites put up by the federal government (it will never give up defending the nuclear industry). The government is seeking for communities to take responsibility for its failure and that of the nuclear industry. Six communities say no to the federal government. Communities will speak with government when the nuclear industry stops making more waste.

    A podcast of 6 week summer 2015/16 road trip through the 6 proposed nuclear waste dump sites in Australia. Including interviews with community members across the country. covering issues of radioactive waste, community health, water, and connection to country. More information at … Photo is of proposed site at Wallerberdina SA near Yappalla

  2. ‘Dominant Society Needs A Slap in the Face’: Sovereignty Solidarity & Decolonisation’ – A more philosophical discussion about the role of non-indigenous people in struggles of First Nations people. Photo byJagath Dheerasekara of Muckaty grandmother smoking whitefella baby 26 Feb 2011 during the struggle to save Mukaty from nuclear waste.

Listen to the program

Ani DiFranco – When I’m gone
Almanac Singers – Which side are you on?

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