ANZAC myth, Frontier Wars

13086977_10209260117401283_213610169359983589_o[Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 broadcast on friday 22 Apr 2016]

Andy and Ian pay tribute to Tiga Bayles, aboriginal radioman, activist and father of 9 daughters. Tiga passed away last weekend. We send our condolences to his family and friends.

Andy looks at the ANZAC myth and how it overlooks the colonisation of a hundred years before, now called The Frontier Wars by authors like Henry Reynolds.

Listen to the show here. Pls note this show may not come online for a few days.

The Biggest Estate on Earth by Bill Gammage

The show features an interview with long time peace activist Graeme Dunstan who talks of ANZAC and the frontier wars and how it changed his view of country.

Andy speaks of how it affects his own perception of country where he grew up around Mugee. Before colonisation the Wiradjuri people lived there for millennia. Andy tells the story of Windradyne (c. 1800 – 21 March 1829) who was an Aboriginal warrior and resistance leader of the Wiradjuri nation; he was also known to the British settlers as Saturday.

Windradyne led his people in the Bathurst War, a frontier war between his clan and British settlers.

Ian talks about his own ancestor Edward Curr who settled near the Murray River on Yorta Yorta country and his close shave with warriors defending country. Edward Curr wrote widely on Aboriginal languages. Ian acknowledges the struggle waged today by Yorta Yorta activist Stephen Atkinson for justice and land rights. Ian tells of how his ancestor’s book ‘Squatting in Victoria’ was used by the Federal Court against the Yorta Yorta people to deny them land rights.

Listen to the show here

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