Paradigm Shift (4zzz fm 102.1 friday  9 July 2016 at noon) with Roba Rayan (Palestinian Arts & Culture, PACSI), Ali Kadri (Spokesperson for Islamic Council of Queensland), Andy and Ian.

Response to hate speech by Pauline Hanson/s One Nation.

  1. On Lateline last night (7 July 2016) former Prime Minster John Howard admitted he was heavily involved in convincing Tony Blair to go to war in Iraq.

Howard helped orchestrate our involvement in that war with the Americans and British.

Who are the real terrorists?

  1. Daesh is now rampant in Iraq and Syria.

We know through the centuries that the separation of church and state is a myth.
Daesh is referred to as ‘Islamic State’ – is Islam an ideology?

  1. After Australian troops marched into Damascus at the end of Turkish occupation of Syria, King Faisal was proclaimed King of the Arab Kingdom of Syria … he preached pan-arabism or unity between Sunnis and Shia but was soon deposed by the French.

How should modern Islam respond to such interference?

  1. One Nation may hold the balance of power in the senate in the new parliament. Pauline Hanson is presently engaged in horse-trading with the conservatives. She has called for a royal commission into Islam where Imams are likely to be called before an inquiry, will you, Ali Kadri, as spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ), refuse to appear before a royal commission into Islam should it occur?
  1. What do you have to say to those who wish to place terrorism at the door of Islam?
  2. Roba, every year PACSI and Justice for Palestine remember al Nakba in Brisbane, the catastrophe where Palestinians were driven off their land. How has that affected you personally as a Palestinian women?


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PShift: Can you please introduce yourself?

Pauline Hanson: My name is Pauline Hanson and I will be representing Queenslanders in the next parliament.

PShift: One Nation polled 150,000 out of 1.7 million votes cast in the Senate in Queensland, how does that give you a mandate to do anything?

Hanson: It is a wake up call to the major parties that people do not trust them and do not like their policies.

PShift: As President of the Holland Park Mosque [correction: Ali Kadri is spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Qld,] Ali Kadri, has invited you to sit down with him at the Eid Down Under festival tomorrow to talk about your comments on Islam. Will you be going?

Hanson: I am happy to talk with anyone about our call for a Royal Commission into Islam and to put a stop to Islamics coming to Australia, they do not share our values.

PShift: What values are those?

Hanson: I am fed up with being told, ‘This is our land’ by Aboriginals. Well, where the hell do I go? I was born here, and so were my parents and children. I will work beside anyone and they will be my equal but I draw the line when told I must pay and continue paying for something that happened over 200 years ago. Like most Australians, I worked for my land; no-one gave it to me.

PShift: You own land at Mt Walker, about 35 minutes drive from Ipswich west of Brisbane where larger properties sell for up to $3 or 4 million dollars and smaller acreage for a half a million, not many people can afford that. You are a wealthy land holder, how would you know about those who are doing it tough, especially aborigjnal people who were thrown off their land and grew up on Purga mission?

Pauline Hanson: I didn’t throw anyone off their land nor did my parents. We worked hard for what we got. Aboriginal people get free education and hand outs all the time, it’s a rort.  If they worked as hard as us they could have what I got.

PShift: But the old people were transported from their land under guard and their grandchildren taken off them and placed under the care of Christian missionaries at Debbing creek only a few miles from where you live. They were robbed of their language and culture and took a foreign way of life. Are you saying you support that kind of Christian belief?

Hanson:  People who have an issue with what happened a long time ago should simply get over it. There are sections of society that would whinge about anything given the chance and people need to stop being so precious.

PShift: What about refugees driven from their homeland as a result of wars that the United States started and Australia followed, namely Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria?

Hanson:  It was Islamics who started those wars. I and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished.

PShift:  The Jagera, Toorbul or Yugambeh people did not invite you onto their land in the Scenic Rim shire, there was never any treaty signed with the original owners and the settlers.

Hanson: Our forefathers claimed the land and worked hard making something out of it.

PShift: In your local seat of Wright, which is One Nation’s heartland, your candidate obtained 15, 000 votes, compare that with Dr Anne Azza Aly in the seat of Cowan, who scored 30,000 votes for the Labor party and may win that seat.  My point is Australia is a multicultural society when people will vote for a Muslim candidate in such numbers, hasn’t your boat sailed?

Hanson: Those votes were for Labor, my policies are different to them. We don’t want Islamic candidates running for election, they interfere with our way of life and bring the terrorists out here.

PShift: But Dr Aly is an expert in fighting terrorism

Hanson: Dr Aly supports the radical Imams.

PShift: All she did was suggest that a particular radical Imam could be a candidate for her de-radicalisation program, which is funded by the federal attorney-general’s department.

Hanson: That’s my point, it is a waste of taxpayers money.

PShift: But Dr Aly is pretty much like you, she struggled financially to raise two sons on her own.

Hanson: Radical Imams prey on sons like hers to hate us.

PShift: But you are exploiting people’s ignorance to make them fear Muslims.

Hanson: They are a threat, they wear burkas that hide their identity.

PShift: Dr Aly doesn’t wear a scarf and gets criticised by conservative muslims for it.

Hanson:  Sometimes I feel sorry for these women who have been forced to wear it. I reckon many Muslim women would love to break out of the burqa.

I can’t walk into a bank or government building with my helmet on without being stopped and told to show my face, which is fair enough. The same should apply to women wearing the burqa.

PShift: JACQUI Lambie has been crusading against the burqa, she told an Imam that the burka concealed the “beautiful faces” of Muslim women.

Pauline Hanson: I agree with Jacqui on that.

PShift: But Muslim women are copping vitriol and sexist comments left right and centre… and your islamaphobia is not helping it.

Hanson: They can do what they like in their own home but not wear the hijab on the streets. And we need to have cameras placed in the mosques to see what the Imams are up to.

PShift: If you put cameras in the Mosques, shouldn’t you be putting cameras in the churches to see what priests are getting up to with young children?

Hanson: They had a royal commission into that which is why I am calling for an inquiry into Imams.

PShift: Is there anything else you would like to add on this before we get onto climate change?

Hanson: Of course I will be called racist but if I can invite whom I want into my home, then I should have the right to have a say in who comes into my country.

PShift: The Greens support renewable energy because burning fossil fuels causes climate change.

Hanson: I outpolled the Greens in the Senate 150,000 to 118,000.

PShift: But that was on the back of your anti-islam stance.

Hanson: The Greens are watermelons, green on the outside but red on the inside.  Climate change happens, it was not caused by man. I want a national inquiry into it.

PShift: If you do that the CSIRO will come out and say that there is a link between human activity on the planet and climate change.

Hanson: The CSIRO have engaged in a “fraud” against the Australian people over climate science. Nature alone determines levels of CO2 in air.

PShift: But only coalminers like Malcolm Roberts and shock jocks like Alan Jones support that kind of thinking.

Hanson: I grew up in a coal mining town and it was good enough for me and my parents.

PShift: But you live on property far away from Geenhouse gas emissions and toxic waste from the mines and cities that are damaging the Great Barrier Reef. Larissa Waters won her Senate seat on the back of these concerns.

Hanson: Larissa Waters and the Greens are not doing it tough like farmers out here with  decline in local communities and towns like Boonah and Rosewood.  People are struggling and they want to make essentials like petrol and food more expensive.

PShift:  But the price of food and oil is decreasing, that’s capitalism.

Hanson: No, it’s socialism that’s caused problems for the bush … and those Greens in the cities just want to tax small business and make life hard for us.  We need reliable and efficient energy production not more taxes on carbon.

PShift: But you are opposed to fracking …

Hanson:  Of course, because fracking damages the local water supply … and wind industry is lowering the price of peoples homes and is causing people to get sick because of the wind turbines. People should be compensated

PShift: Well that’s democracy for you people, I think we should leave it there.

[Please Note: There have been calls for Simon Hunt to bring Pauline Pantsdown out of retirement.

What do you think?

Pauline Hanson herself was invited to come on the Paradigm Shift, but was unavailable. Ms Hanson was played by an actor and her words are based on quotes from her 1996 speech to the Federal Parliament as the meber for Oxley, her party (One Nation)’s platform and her recent comments in winning a Qld senate seat to the 47th Australian parliament.]

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