Hymba Yumba: sacking John Davis

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 22 July at noon.

This is a show about land developers and education, about top down versus grassroots, about lore versus law.

At first it is difficult to see any connection between Maha Sinnathamby, a high wealth individual, who built a town an hour west of Brisbane and aboriginal education.

Such a connection exists at Springfield.

Hymba Yumba stands for Listening and Learning Place.

Key interview is with Lucy Davis, a sister of sacked principal John Davis. Hymba Yumba is a unique school.

The show is divided into several parts:

  1. Intro which discusses the concept behind Springfield with education as its focus.
  2. Speech by Maha Sinnathamby (developer) at a fundraising ceremony for the school, making a pitch to those he calls the ‘influential people’ – judges, ministers, directors-general,  aboriginal elders and educators.
  3. Uncle Albert Holt gives a brief description of his hopes for the school.
  4. Lucy Davis describes how her brother was sacked and a protest in support of John Davis by the community.
  5. Ian reads out Chris Sarra (Stronger Smarter Institute) messages of support for John Davis and his holistic approach to education, culture way.
  6. Lucy Davis describes how the board sent a txt message to a community representative canceling an agreed  meeting between the community and the board  ‘due to the unavailability of Board members’ stating  ‘some members are overseas for work and won’t be returning until Sunday/Monday or extremely sick’ and makes the point that they were able to get a quorum to sack John Davis and to advertise his job.
  7. Finally there is discussion about the contradiction between the top down approach of capitalism compared with the grassroots striving to fulfill needs in the community.

On Demand at http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/paradigm-shift

Christian Bumbarra Thompson – Refuge
Kev Carmody – Black Jimmy
Emily Wurramara – Black smoke

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