En grève contre la loi ‘travaille’!

unions[On strike against the labour law]

Andy interviews Marta, a student activist from France, about protest against labour laws in Paris, Nantes & Rennes in France.

Fight back against austerities.

Marta 1
France has a history of strong unions. Workers have power. If a law is better for the worker, be it local or national, then that law is preferred. Without these laws, where unions are weak, workers have to fight in every workplace. Article 49.3 allows the government to pass a law without any discussion in the parliament. and this is what happened to the labour laws … making it easy for companies to increase hours and reduce wages.

The protest began with a petition. This was supported by You Tubers and a # on Twitter. Over a million people went onto the streets.

Contrast this with the response by Australian workers against the repressive laws being passed in the Australian parliament against building and construction workers (The ABCC legislation).

Marta 2
Marches were organised by trade unions. Still must have a history of protests especially in Nantes and Rennes. Students are workers as well … Even high school students participated in the demonstrations. Discussion of movement tactics. When the media the right of demonstrators into good and  bad … For example Black Blockades in Nantes and Rennes … The response was we respect a diversity of tactics. There was an occupyaction caled Nuit debout  which means ‘night standing up’ or ‘not going to bed’.

Marta 3
Currently in a summer in Paris. Students intend to occupy some squares. A state of emergency has been declared because of the attack by a truck driver in Niece. These laws are repressive.

“Je suis fils” by Corrigan Fest
“Merry blues” by Manu Chao
“On Lâche Rien”  (don’t give up) by HK and Les Saltimbanks
“La Rage” by Keny Arkana
“Washington Bullets” by The Clash



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