Drones I

Paradigms shift 4ZZZ  at fm 102.1 on Friday at noon on 21 October 2016.

Andy and Ian talk about the ethics of drone warfare.

Andy interviews Alex Edney-Browne who is doing a PhD on the ethics of Drone warfare at Melbourne University. Alex queries the accuracy of drone technology. She discusses the number of civilian casualties in Pakistan Yemen and Somalia. Estimates by the Obama administration say that total civilian casualties are between 64 and 116. Independent journalists estimate 1,147 civilian deaths.

Drone have a kill radius of up to 90 metres.

Guilt by Association
They depend upon signals intelligence of daily routes of their targets. Pine Gap processes this intelligence.

Many taxi drivers get killed by drones simply because they are on the road dealing with different people (militants) and are conspicuous.

Alex talked about ‘rogue states’ getting the technology. Andy gives an example of IS (Daesh) using a drone in Iraq recently. She mentions Iran, Russia and Nth Korea (but this depends on your political perspective).

Proxy wars
Alex questions the ethics of USA’s undeclared wars on Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen.

Human fallibility
Drones are an attempt to rule out the humanity of people required to kill others when there are innocent children nearby.


4 thoughts on “Drones I”

  1. Hello Tymek,

    Thanks for your query and your support.

    We try to cover one topic per week on Paradigm Shift.

    To produce one hour of radio each week is time consuming; two would be a lot of work, especially to cover one topic. 4ZZZ have other programs needing air time as well, it is community radio where others must get a chance to make their shows, to have their voice heard.

    If you miss any shows or wish to catch up on old ones we put the interviews on soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/ian-curr/sets

    Paradigm Shift
    4zzz fm 102.1
    Fridays at noon


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