Gracias a la vida

Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 4 Nov 2016.

Placard at rally to decriminalise abortion outside Qld Parliament 3 Nov 2016
Thank you, life, for giving me so much.
She gave me laughter as well as mourning.
With both I distinguish happiness from pain -
Two of the ingredients that confirm my singing,
As well as your song, that is mine too,
And the song of all, that is my own singing.
Thank you, life, for giving me so much. - Violeta Parra
Both birth and death are political, in Queensland at least.

Campaign to decriminalise abortion

In a world where the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, says that abortion will be reduced to a ‘trivial procedure‘ independent member for Cairns, Rob Pyne, is trying to introduce a bill to decriminalise abortion. The reason? Women in Queensland are being denied the democratic right of control of their own bodies.

Under the Qld Criminal Code of 1899, for a woman to procure a miscarriage is a crime with a maximum punishment of 7 years imprisonment.

Here is a speech by Anna McCormack (Women’s Abortion Rights Campaign) calling on Qld MPs to pass a bill to decriminalise abortion.

The rally was held outside Qld parliament on 3 Nov 2016).

Zen and the art of dying
Ian interviews a filmmaker (Debra Beattie) and a deathwalker (Zenith Virago) about the need for change in cultural practices around dying.


What has this quote from German Philsosopher Eugen Herrigel got to do with dying?

“The archer ceases to be conscious of herself as the one who is engaged in hitting the bull’s-eye which confronts her. This state of unconscious is realized only when, completely empty and rid of self, she becomes one with perfecting of her technical skill, though there is in it something of a quite different order which cannot be attained by any progressive study of the art.”

Listen to Part 4 of the following interview and find out.

Listen online at

Anohni – If it be your will
Israel IZ Kamakawiwo – Over the Rainbow
Bird on a wire – Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

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