Game of Mates

19 May 2017
Andy and Ian talk about gray corruption.

Andy speaks with Cameron Murray who is an economist. Cameron says that there are favours given to mates that bleed the nation. It is called ‘game of mates’ or ‘gray corruption’.

These favours are traded by a network of mates in many Industries. This game is a global phenomenon that is stealing from one group to another. They have cushy jobs and examples are with Land rezoning which benefit those who get favourable decisions by the authorities. It is a sale of rights which were publicly owned to private developers. Murray noticed he had empirical data that showed re-zoning was not a random lottery he looked at six areas in Queensland where landowners had a favourable decision and found that it was the landowners who gave political donations. He looked at political donations data and he said it was about how well connected to work he made a comparison with the Italian mafia.

He called it connectivity inside and in the 6 cases he looked at it was $710 million dollars gifted to the people in the group.

He looked at relationships between property developers and politicians such as Tim Soorely, Campbell Newman and Anna Bligh. These people have control over society’s resources. the game of mates was regarded as being a natural thing to do, a positive thing, sociable and was regarded as a good thing to do it was ripping off money from rest of society in areas of mining banking and superannuation fees were charged

Apparently the Ontario teaches fund it is buying Fairfax Newspapers through a private equity company TPG capital.


Rein – C.A.P.I.T.A.L.I.S.M.
Algiers – The underside of power
Rivermouth – Money come
King Ayisoba – Wicked leaders
Evan Greer – Never surrender

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