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Brisbane City Hall 1960s

Community defends homes
I attended a picket this morning to hear residents saying that Lytton Road, East Brisbane is wide enough.

The group that organised the picket challenged Councillor Quirk at a ‘civic cabinet’ meeting at the Russian Club hall on Wednesday night (30 Aug 2017). Their concerns were rebuked by the Lord Mayor claiming to have the support of ‘the silent majority’ through a survey which local residents say is a fraud. Belinda from East Brisbane challenged the Lord Mayor’s reliance on a BCC survey of forty thousand residents of the Wynnum corridor.

Lord Mayor’s response to loss of homes in East Bribane claiming a silent majority supports widening the road.

Residents and supporters are welcome to join the picket that is being held each morning from 7am till 9am on the corner of Lytton Road and Walter Avenue, East Brisbane.

This morning four people…

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