Boat people

Broadcast 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 20 Oct 2017.
Andy and Ian discuss recent developments in Australian government treatment of refugees as it gets a place on the UN Human Rights Commission.

Andy interviews Dr Claire Higgins who wrote and just published: “Asylum by boat: origins of Australia’s refugee policy”.

They discuss grilling of Australian officials after receiving a position on the UN Human Rights Commission. Last nights interrogation by the Human Rights committee in Geneva questioned the Ambassador John Quinn and officials on concerns about Australia’s policy compatibility with the human rights agreements which they have signed.

” It was revealed that there are now 5 people in detention on ASIO concerns. Two of these arrived by boat and three arrived lawfully and were subsequently detained. We remember only too well when 58 men women and children were held for years until their spirits were broken, before a magical new assessment saw them released into the community where they have proved to be no threat what so ever.

Those of us watching on the UN LIVE CHANNEL were gob-smacked to hear Australian officials state that Australia does not have a mandatory detention system. We were also told that people were not arbitrarily detained because case managers keep assessing their cases. We know this is rubbish because Case manager recommendations have to pass through the labyrinthine bowels of the Canberra bureaucracy and exiting this nasty process has become almost impossible. [Notes by Pamela Curr].”

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