What will 2018 bring?

Paradigm Shift Jan 2018

Ian gives a brief overview of the tensions that face the world in 2018. Greater inequality, conflict on the Korean peninsular between superpowers, workers struggles worldwide and increasing refugee crisis, environmental change, people fleeing war and economic deprivation. US dominance still.

Ian interviews Michael an Iranian man who was a refugee on Manus Island. They speak about the current wave of protests in Iran. Michael calls on people to come to the protest against Iranian government. Call for right to choose their own religion, the clothes that they wear and to have liberty.

Ian discusses the killing of Iranian Kurd Reza Berati by Scott Morrison, the Australian government and G4S. Scott Morrison was the Australian minister  for immigration while Berati was held in Manus Island detention.

Michael says that economic situation very bad in Iran. Banks are folding.

Who Killed Reza Berati – Fear Like Us
They could not buy my soul  (Kev Carmody) sung by Archie Roach
Iranian song – The Wave

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