StolenWealth Games 2018

“Look up, my people, The dawn is breaking, The world is waking, To a new bright day, When none defame us, Nor colour shame us, Nor sneer dismay.”— from Song of Hope by Oodgeroo Noonuccal

April 13, 2018
Andy and Ian present a show about the stolen wealth of Australia with interviews by activists from Camp Freedom on Yugambeh Land.

Welcome to the Paradigm Shift on FM 102.1 4ZZZ Fridays at noon. We challenge the assumptions of our current society, to resist oppression and investigate alternative ways of living for a world based on justice, solidarity and sustainability. Follow the Paradigm Shift on facebook at or listen to past shows at or

Chris Phillips My people my people LOCAL
A.B. Original Blaccout AUS
The Last Kinection Worth marching for feat Brothablack AUS
Dubmarine Spearchukka LOCAL
No Fixed Address Black man’s rights AUS

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