The power of indigenous art

A show on indigenous art and resistance – writer Melissa Lucashenko, artists Jason Wing and Blak Douglas from the “Defying Empire” exhibition and curator Stephen Mam from The MYX gallery.

hunting ground
Julie Gough
Hunting ground (Pastoral) Van Diemen’s Land (detail) 2016
Courtesy of the artist and Bett Gallery

This week we talk about aboriginal art and its cultural power. We speak to novelist Melissa Lucashenko about her new novel Too Much Lip; Blak Douglas and Jason Wing from the Defying Empire exhibition at the UQ Art Museum; and Stephen Mam, curator of the Black History Month exhibition at MYX gallery in West End.

Kev Carmody
Attack attack

Baker Boy Black magic feat Dallas Woods

Ancestress Bring buildings down

Getano Bann I am black

The Ancient Bloods Boogieman
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