Banks of Marble

I’ve traveled around this country
From shore to shining shore
And it really makes me wonder
What the world is coming to
I see the weary farmer
Just plowing up the loam
And I see the auction hammer
A’selling off his home
                                         – Banks of Marble by Pete Seeger

We get an update on the banking royal commission from a coupl eof academics with different views on the banking sector – Andrew Grant and Evan Jones give us an overview and a critique of the investigation into banking malpractice.

Andy interviews
Andrew Grant gives factual account of Banking Royal Commission.

Evan Jones is very critical of the banks and the system that producpete seegered it.

The LurkersRotten to the core is derivative of (and a reference to)  an old song The Banks of Marble by Pete Seeger. Both songs are deeply critical of capitalism.

Andrew Grant refers back to the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2008. New complaints have been made against the banks for lending money which the borrower can’t repay.

Listen at

The Lurkers –
Rotten to the core

Conation – Human life is business interest
Insurge – Speculator
Mary Poppins soundtrack – Fidelity Fiduciary Bank
Rivermouth – Money come

[Notes by Ian]

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