Save the UQ Union Complex

Lucy, Craig and Ian present a show in 3 parts.

1. Save the UQ Union Complex. Ian interviews Historian Jeff Rickertt.
Anyone who lived in Brisbane in the 1960s, 70s and 80s will remember the destruction of the Bellevue, Cloudland and Trades Hall. They will remember King George Square before it was turned into a concrete wasteland dominated by giant television screens. In those decades we lived in a city gripped by violence where even the smallest displays of dissent invited a beating, while all around us precious buildings were felled by the wrecking ball. Many of you will recall how police arrested and bashed scores of people in 1967 and again in 1977 when they asserted their democratic right to protest in the streets. Some of you will know about the Nazi firebombing of the People’s Bookshop in Fortitude Valley, the Vice Squad raid on Rocking Horse Records for stocking ‘obscene’ material, and the daily terrorism waged by police against the city’s Aboriginal community.

2. First Nations people struggles in Chile and West Papua. Ian interviews Marcela about the plight of the Mapuche people. Extra-jusicial killings, arrests, lack of democratic rights, higher taxes on their produce at market … genocide faced everyday.

3. Student and Teachers oppose coal. Andy interviews Sadie Jones on an Aurizion coal train.

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