Defending Democratic Space

We we so much older then, we are younger than that now – Bob Dylan

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Craig Shona & Ian 14 Dec 2018

Ian interviews Jeff Rickert about saving UQ Union Complex
Jack interviews David Lennon about 4ZZZ eviction from UQ

Followed by a discussion of changes faced by 4ZZZ in the future.

We commemorate 30 years since 4ZZZ were evicted from our studios at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus. Discussing the lead up to the 1988 eviction and the impact the fall out had on the station in the years to come.

Saving UQ Union complex. Historian Jeff Rickertt  talks about the campaign to save the UQ Union complex and what it means for the future.

UQ Union Complex 1965



The Saints – Stranded

Sabrina Lawrie – Nopiates

The Who – Wont be Fooled Again

Siena Larsson – Collateral Damage
Notes by Ian

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