Venezuela – the parliamentary road?

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 11 Jan 2019, Friday at Noon.
On Thursday 10 Jan 2019 Nicholas Maduro was inaugurated as Venezuela’s President after closely fought elections with much violence on the streets. Leaders from Cuba, Bolivia and Georgia attended the swearing-in ceremony.

Ian talks with Eulalia Reyes de Whitney who is the convenor of the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network. Ian had fourteen issues he wished to address, they managed to cover five in a 40 minute live interview.

  1. Presidential elections 2018
  2. US Embargo
  3. Violence on the streets
  4. The legacy of Hugo Chavez
  5. The parliamentary road

Elections in Venezuela
Eulalia has recently returned from her native country after an extended visit of 5 months. During her stay, Eulalia participated as an international observer in Venezuelan Presidential and regional elections. Eulalia presents eye-witness accounts of the situation in Venezuela today. She speaks of the resilience of its people facing a political crisis and U.S. economic embargoes on that country.

Despite the crisis in Venezuela, there is near silence in the mainstream media in Australia about the 2018 elections and, what coverage there is, aligns itself with reports from the Organisation of American states.

Typical coverage of Venezuelan crisis by Murdoch Press in Australia.

Eulalia Reyes is keen to invite people in Brisbane to discuss ways of solidarity with the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution.

Future Action
Eulalia made an open invitation to people to come to the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network at 1pm on Saturday 2 Feb 2019 at the Peace Centre in 102 McDonald Road Windsor. The meeting will discuss solidarity activities in 2019.

Jumping Fences – Satellites
Harpes du Venezuela – El Pararillo
Ali Primera – Sangueo para el regreso

2 thoughts on “Venezuela – the parliamentary road?”

  1. For those of you searching for a more balanced coverage of the escalating Venezuelan crisis, here are a couple of interesting articles:

    First by the first UN rapporteur to visit Venezuela for 21 years

    Then by a former Foreign Minister in the Chavez government, and more recently chief of staff to Maduro:

    a more extended article by him is in Le Monde Diplomatique, always a useful and rounded analysis of world events, I think..

    It is a tragedy that both major parties in Australia are supporting the US sanctions and intervention in Venezuelan politics



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