From there to here: aboriginal call for truth, for reconciliation

Aboriginal struggle

  1. Call for Truth and Reconciliation by Sam Watson
  2. Guniwaya Ngigu by Madeline McGrady
  3. Debbing Creek – sacred land
  4. Listen online @

Call for truth and Reconciliation by Sam Watson
Aboriginal leader calls for truth and reconciliation commission to hold white Australia to account.

“There is still a long way to go,” Sam Watson said.

“There are still issues that are unresolved.

“We still don’t have a treaty.”

He called for “basic honestly from white Australia” about the history of our nation.

“We didn’t give them our country, we didn’t sell our country, they stole this country by armed invasion,” Uncle Sam Watson told the rally.

“To this day, white Australia has never been held accountable…there should be a truth and reconciliation commission here in Australia…white Australia needs to be held to account for the crimes against humanity, perpetrated against our people.

“This blood, this land, this suffering that belongs to our mob, there has to be a reckoning…”

Guniwaya Ngigu (WE FIGHT) 1982

In 1971, two pieces of legislation were introduced into Queensland state law. The Queensland Aborigines Act, and the Torres Strait Islanders Act, which made the oppression of Black People in Queensland legal.

In a country that claims to be against apartheid in South Africa, we have a separate law governing Black People.

In 1982, the Queensland government brought down the Commonwealth Games Act in an attempt to prevent Black People from using the Brisbane-held Commonwealth Games to voice their opposition to white oppression.

It was in this atmosphere of state-generated terror and threatened violence from the Australian Army and the Queensland police that the following events took place…..

This historic documentary is scheduled to air on NITV on 4th February 2019 at 7:30pm

Debbing Creek
On today’s show ‘From there to here – aboriginal land rights struggle’ there’s also an interview with yuggera original owner Karen Coghill about the Debbing Creek camp trying to stop a housing developement on aboriginal land south of Ipswich .. listen online @


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