Regime change in Venezuela

12pm Fri 15 Feb 2019: Regime Change in Venezuela

When the sun scorched the earth
a child was being born in the mountain,
in a cradle of hard stone
that poisoned him.

– PEGALE DURO AL FIERO by Ruben Galindo

Regime change in Caracas would be the prerequisite to dismantling the Bolivarian Bloc consisting of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) in El Salvador, and several other actors in Latin America.” – Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya in “Rise of the Anti-Government Flash Mobs: First Ukraine, Now Venezuela” 20 February 2014

Discussion about the causes and what to do about current crisis in Venezuela.

Panel – Eulalia Reyes de Whitney (Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network), Alex Bainbridge (Green Left Weekly), Trevor Berrill (, Bevan Ramsden (Independent & Peaceful Australia Network), Ian Curr (Paradigm Shift, 4ZZZ).

Jumping Fences & Gaviota – Pegale duro al fiero
Phil Monsour – Empire’s new clothes

Discussion about the causes and what to do about current crisis in Venezuela. Listen at

As it did with regime change in Libya and in Iraq the US decided to destabilise Venezuela and take the oil. Russia, China and Cuba oppose it. The US created a political crisis where Maduro is embattled. They fund the opposition groups. They created the humanitarian crisis by placing an embargo on US goods and medicines into the country. They waited for a huge tornado to hit Cuba. They made a call for the greater democracy and their allies including Australia support this. Then Trump anoints a new unelected President.

After all, the amount of oil country has is directly proportional to the amount of democracy that it needs and that the West can supply.

Notes by Ian Curr

Elalia Reyes de Whitney, Alex Bainbridge, Trevor Berrill in 4 ZZZ studios
Protest against Iraq war 16 Feb 2003 in Brisbane Gardens Point

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