Public Trustee

This is a story of how a retired electrical trades worker a retired meat worker and a homeless person helped bring down one of the most powerful people in the Queensland Government. That person is Peter Carne, the Public Trustee of Queensland, who controlled billions of dollars in assets of ordinary workers and some private trusts. Carne was the boss of 600 public servants across the state and was characterized in the public press as representing the old guard of the Labour Party. However, he is actually a reformer embracing government engagement with big capital (Adani) and privatisation (Queensland Rail).

In the wake of his suspension his long term deputy Mark Crofton will resign effective from next month. Another long term PTO officer Rob Moran has also resigned.

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During the show a person from the Department of Justice doing an audit on the fees charged by the Public Trustee requested that people who have been ripped off by the Public Trustee come forward. Please let us know if you have been a victim of mismanagement by the Qld Public trustee by adding comments below

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  1. Our family are currently battling the Public Trustee over our parents estate. After our mother passed away last year there has been systematic stripping of all monies in our mother’s accounts, fees and charges applied for ‘administration of the estate’ and important documents being ‘lost’ then more charges to replace the documents. They have now had our mother’s property put into their name and they are continually harassing all family members to give them access to the property so that they can send in their own ‘maintenance’ staff to fix the property at vastly inflated prices. We stipulated that the property was to be sold ‘as is, where is’ but they are refusing to listen to us. Now they want us to sign an indemnity form releasing them from any future investigations. Why are these people allowed to continue to do this? I honestly believe that the standing down of Peter Carne is nothing more than a smokescreen until they can place another puppet in the position. Until this happened to us I was totally unaware of how they operate but I will be ensuring that I tell everyone that I know to steer well clear of the Public Trustee!


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