Is Democracy Sustainable?

Paradign Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon –
12pm Fri 9 Aug 2019: Is democracy sustainable?

Stanthorpe gets Emu Swamp Dam – On the 4th August 2019 the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, Anthony Lynham, gave the Brisbane Times a scoop. The minister did not send the media release to the Courier Mail so newcorp didn’t get to run this story about Queensland’s new dam on the Southern Tablelands near Stanthorpe. The story in the Brisbane Times revealed the construction of Emu Swamp Dam to be completed by 2022.

Australia’s Transport Dilemma – Australia has a number of serious problems with its provision of energy for transport. It has a very high level of dependency on imported oil from politically unstable regions, with very little strategic reserves, significant greenhouse gas emissions (19% of total emissions), large distances, and a highly car and truck dependent transport sector. Does Australia have a Transport Plan that comprehensively addresses these issues? Or are we flying blind? Ian interviews Trevor Berrill a Sustainable Energy Engineer about the problems with Transport industry’s use of fuels.

University of Queensland doubles down on heritage demolition plan – The University of Queensland is trying to take down the one space it does not control at St Lucia. This is corporate theft from generations of students and staff. They built the UQ Union Complex with their union fees and gave it a history to boot. Ian interviews Lee Duffield an alumni and a lecturer at another University.


Johnny Cash – One piece at a time
Chuck Berry – Maybalene
Jumping Fences – A View from a Wooden Chair


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