‘Locking On’ in Galilee

Locking on – the great Australian political tradition” – Andy Paine

Paradigm Shift 4 Oct 2019 Friday at noon.

Intro Defending Greta by John Curr.;
Ian interviews Bri from Action Ready; and,
Andy from Frontline Action on Coal.

It is hard to keep the climate action camps going, i f you wish to donate to keep Frontline Action on Coal going please go to https://protectgalilee.raisely.com/

Monster Machine by Madeleine Hudson
Make some Music by Paul Spencer
Old Growth by The Great Shame

Action Ready
Locking on – the great Australian political tradition

Much criticism has been levelled at Greta Thunberg following her address to the United Nations. She has been cast as puppet of climate activists.

Scientists addressing climate change have abandoned attempts to persuade people and governments about the science knowing that their efforts at truth to power are being ignored. No-0ne seriously doubts that human activity is contributing to climate change which will adversely impact life on earth. What her critics believe (probably wrongly) is that wealth and power will permit them to avoid those adverse impacts, they care nothing for the suffering of others.

Is it any wonder that Thunberg does not attempt to address the facts of climate change, but resorts to oratory and rhetorical devices, even some hyperbole and invective to make her point.

Lincoln’s “Four score and seven years ago….”, Churchill’s “ We will fight them on the beaches…”. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream …” speeches are revered as powerful calls to their respective societies to address the serious challenges before them.

Are the same oratorical devices to be denied to a member of the generation which will bear the burden of climate change ?

John Curr
October 2019

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