Chile Woke Up!

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Ian interviews Liliana and Marcela about the uprising in Chile

1) Are you surprised by what is happening in Chile?

2) The Chilean economic system was presented as a successful formula in Latin America. Is this true?

3) Successive Chilean governments have followed the path of neo-liberalism but did not privatise Codelco, the state owned copper mine, why not? What political creed is the Chilean government following?

4) Australia was involved in the coup against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende, what can people do about this? See open letter to PM below?

5) Neoliberalism assumes that the right to property is superior to the right to life, so where does the anger that has erupted in Chile come from?

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Solidaridad con Chile!

Open Letter to The Hon Scott Morrison MP

It is with great urgency…

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