Banks of Marble

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Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 22 Nov 2019 Friday at Noon
Banks of Marble
Medevac & Refugees in detention in PNG


1) Anna Bligh, former Premier of Qld and CEO of the Australian Banking Association (satire).
2) Jacob Rice, former teacher at Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island.
3) Fr Gerry Heffernan, member of Catholic delegation to Australia’s detention centre in Port Moresby PNG.

Westpac Bank – shall one of the four pillars fall? – Analysis
Westpac survive the allegations levelled against it? Will one of the
four pillars fall? In setting up the royal commission in November 2017
then Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said: “It will not put
capitalism on trial.” In this country at least, capitalism is not even
on trial.

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 22 Nov 2019 Friday at noon

Medevac Bill
Fr Hefernan speaks about how the repeal of the Medevac Bill…

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