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Taking Land

Palestine and the Levant in 1917PShift broadcast 4zzz fm 102.1 friday 12 Dec 2014.

Andy and Ian speak about the taking of land by the corporate state in Australia and in Israel.

Features two interviews.

The first with Phil Monsour about the the Palestinian story which is one of catastrophe and struggle following the Palestinian dispossession of 1948 and the creation of the homeland for Jewish settlers from Europe.

It has been subsumed beneath European and US support and sympathy for the Jewish people following persecution and genocide in Europe. Israel’s circumstance depends on massive military and economic support from the US to maintain its domination. In the Western media the full Palestinian narrative is overshadowed by Western support for the settlers.

The second is with a cattle farmer Ed Robinson who talks about AGL trying to take his land to put in CSG wells. Farmer Ed Robinson from Gloucester opposes AGL (CSG) on his land – he talks about damage to the Avon river and the complex geology of the area.

A temporary camp to accommodate anti-coal seam gas protesters at Gloucester in northern New South Wales has been approved by the local council. The campsite will be located on Ed Robinson’s farming property on Jacks Road adjacent to AGL’s Waukivory Pilot Project where it will frack four wells.

Episode Notes

Phil Monsour – Masters of war
Canorous – Terrorist is the CIA
Ducks In The Mud – Fences
Steve Towson – Christmas Island

Modern settler states: in Palestine … in Australia

[Broadcast on Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1) on Friday 5 Dec 2014 at noon.]

This show dealt with two examples of colonisation happening in modern states. In the 1940s, at a time when countries in Africa and Indochina were de-colonising, the international community came up with the severest form of colonisation: it was in Palestine. The United Nations gave permission to set up the apartheid state of Israel. At the same time, aboriginal people in Australia were not regarded as human beings. This is a story from two lands where people were herded from their homelands by the new colonisers, both groups from strong nation states in Europe. These two people, Palestinians and Aboriginals, had a strong connection to country, to the land. In the case of Palestinians for many centuries and in the case of Aboriginal people for many thousands of years.

Palestine and the Levant in 1917

Firstly were excerpts from a talk & songs by Phil and Joseph Monsour.

The talk went for one hour followed by a discussion of one and half hours.

It was a good discussion because people spoken frankly and independently.

There were 36 people present and I think everyone who wished to speak had their say.

Thanks to Phil and Joseph for giving such a thoughtful and human account of the Palestinian people. And thanks for Khalil sharing his experience and views.landRights2 copy

Thanks to Dan O’Neill for hosting this talk (and others from the Group of 17).

Secondly, was an interview by Andy with Tauto Sansbury about Freedom Summit held at the Old Bungalow, Mparntwe (Alice Springs, NT) in November 2014.


The show is podcast on demand at

Ancestress – Bringin’ buildings down Phil Monsour – Ghosts of Deir Yassin Last Kinnection – Are we there yet?

Ian read out part of the Communiqué from the Freedom Summit

“Israel Colonial Settler State and the New Apartheid.”

The full 2.5 hour recording of the talk is at


[PShift Broadcast on 4zzz fm 102.1 at 12 noon]

Andy talks about the use of police during G20 and the $400M it cost. It is the ten year anniversary of the killing of Mulrunji Domadgee by then Snr Sgt (now inspector) Chris Hurley in the Palm Island watchouse.

G20 – media coverage of police actions false – Brisbane Times claims lack of numbers of protestors proves policing was successful. Fourteen (14) arrests, mostly homeless people who were arrested for obstructing police. 14 exclusion notices handed out. Andy was given an exclusion notice because he had a banner larger than 2 m by 1 m. Wayne was given an exclusion notice for having a PA system. Ciaron O’Reilly was excluded for being a prohibited person wanting to give Barrack Obama a message about Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

Louisa was going to the People’s March – a cop ran up to Louisa sayng that she was carrying some illegal items. Louisa was carrying slime .. it was part of street theatre. The cops saw Louisa and her friends dressed up and claimed that they were prostitutes carrying illegal items. Police women patted down the women but not the men. So they were given an exclusion notice. Louisa claimed that Brisbane does not have a history of resistance.

Real role of police — to control dissent — a sign that could be seen by G20 delegates. Limits on freedom, civil liberties and right to move. The city was empty. The $400M budget stopped the non-existent terrorist attacks and controlled dissent keeping protesters away from the delegates.

Policewoman in charge of G20 security, Katarina Carroll:

We had some people on the rooftops doing marksmen duty recording 63 degrees and this gives an idea of the repressive conditions.

Police shooting people – too many instances
Aboriginal Deaths in Custody – 4 aboriginal people died in custody in the past for four weeks. Celica Dhu died in custody as a result of being incarcerated for unpaid fines. Ms Dhu repeatedly complained about being sick  … police ignored her … and she died in custody.

Mulrunji Domadgee … Lex Wotton speaks at People’s Rally … implores people to do more than marching, get into the yarning circle, occupy Musgrave park, elders to bring the young people in, pass on the struggles that you have gone through. G20 economic summit is not in our favour but we can change things …. speaking to at least 1,000 police.

Listen at

Friday 21/11/14 12pm-1:05pm
Everything I Own Is Broken – Police
Top Hat Killahz – Cops on fire
Combat Wombat – Police brutality
Kev Carmody – The young dancer is dead

What’s wrong with the Melbourne Cup?

Broadcast on fm 102.1 fridays at noon 31 October 2014 –

An alternative take on horse racing. Andy talks and does interviews about the downside of the Melbourne cup, animal exploitation, problem gambling, capitalist racing industry. Very interesting interview with a vet about how horses are an animal of prey and how they are hurt by the racing industry. Not to mention problem gambling …!

Is IS coming to blow up the city during G20;)?
Brief run down on what’s coming up at G20. Criticism of Courier Mail. People’s Summit. People’s march on saturday 15 Oct 2014.

On demand –>

A different take on problem gambling Trifecta at 608 Brunswick Street

These Dirty Bones – Bones in my marshmallows
Bad Day Down – If this is humane, then fuck humanity
Frenzal Rhomb – Greyhound info
Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers – Gamblin’ man
Phil Monsour – Let them eat money
Test Their Logik – Crash the meeting

Solidarity with West Papua – National Day of Action against murders in custody

PShift broadcast 24 October 2014 fm 102.1 4ZZZ

Andy and Ian spoke with Danny and Vanessa about two indigenous struggles – one for independence for West Papua and the other to stop police murder of aborigines in custody.

Biak massacre – talking with eyewitness, Danny
1998 Massacre in Biak, West Papua in which more than one hundred civilians were killed, raped or tortured.Indonesia has taken West Papua as a colony to take oil and mineral wealth of that country.

Write of life / the pious said
forget the past / the past is dead.
But all I see / in front of me
is a concrete floor / a cell door / and John Pat.

National struggle against murder of black people in custody

Friday 24/10/14 12pm-1:05pm Episode Notes
George Telek featuring Ngairre – West Papua
The Lani Singers – Peperra
Blue King Brown – All nations
Archie Roach – Beautiful child

De-colonisation on Turtle Island

PShift broadcast on 4ZZZ on Friday 17 October 2014 at Noon.

Andy and Ian speak with Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy members, Boe Spearim and Callum Clayton-Dixon about their recent trip to Turtle Island (Canada). Callum and Boe speak about resistance to colonisation both there and here.

Listen to PShift on Demand at

Test Their Logik – Turtle Island
Tiddas – Anthem
Ancestress – One by one
MC Triks – Fist like this
Kev Carmody – Black deaths in custody

Prison Abolition

PShift broadcast on 4ZZZ fm 102.1 friday 10 October 2014 #PShift_4ZZZ

Today Andy, Riko and Ian speak about prison abolition – we discuss the prison industrial complex, aboriginal incarceration rates and deaths in custody, violence in the prison system. We talk about option for justice and about how it will require a different society. All interspersed with clips from speakers at the Sisters Inside conference which organised for internationally known Angela Davis to come and speak.

Listen to PShift on demand:

Insurge – Political prisoners
Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers – Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre
Warumpi Band – Jailanguru pakai yu (out from jail)
The Painted Ladies – Get back into the shadows

Rise up against the politics of fear

PShift Broadcast 19 September 2014

Announcers: Andy, Cassio, Ian

Scottish Independence Elections – discussion with Scottish Marxist, Hamish Chitts, about the Independence referendum.
Parks are for people!  – Interview with Nicole Johnston councillor for Tennyson about the new laws restricting public assembly in squares. malls and parks.
No Mines at Maules Creek! – interview with Meret from Frontline Action on Coal

Guilt by Association

Broadcast on 26 Sept 2014

Announcers – Andy, Cassio, Ian

Discussion of new ASIO laws, recent raids by anti-terror police, police shooting of 18 yr old boy,  interview with Chris Breen, refugee activist about media beat ups of refugees as ‘terrorists’…

Fairfax and Murdoch media are now trying to outdo each other in the politics of guilt by association. Fueled by facebook misinformation, editors have sensationalised the actions of an 18 year boy leading to his being shot and killed by police.

Government ministers and police chiefs are celebrating the distraction of the politics of fear.

To get an idea of how crazy things have gone in the past week … it is hard to fathom what happened from the media reports … but police have shot and killed an 18 yr boy who seems to have cracked under the pressure of being bailed up by police, his house and room raided and his passport seized … finally he appears to have lost it outside a police station in Melbourne and slashed two terror squad members. There are raids of people suspected of sympathising with jihad: police operations, we are told, involving up to ‘800 officers’ … meanwhile mosques are being attacked and muslims abused … governments have given police powers to detain and suppress information.

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