Environment: maimin’ and savin’

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My story is your story
We’re going to go to a poem. Alice Eather – my story is your story Alice was raised in Brisbane but has returned to Maningrida in Arnhem Land to protect her mother’s sacred waters from petroleum and gas seabed mining.

The town that was murdered
Just before Christmas the Deputy premier Jeff Seeney announced the verdict in the coronial inquiry into Acland, the town that was murdered on the Darling Downs when New Hope Coal decided to plou~h ahead and expand the existing coal mine in preference to have the best agricultural land in Australia. We counter-pose this picture because it is the farmer’s party that is supporting this assassination. There is only one man sitting down in Acland to hold back the miners. Lets listen to local farmers Nicki Laws and Pamela Bolton tell the story of Acland.

Native title and mining
One of the most excitlng events of the year was the Decolonisation Before profit conference. It was held in Musgrave Park from the 8th-16th November in resistance to the G20. It was amazing being in the park, learning so much, and being surrounded by interesting and inspirational people. It was really great working together in a community and feeling like this could be a sort of blueprint for a better way to live. One of the people I talked to during this conference was uncle Yillah who’s a Githabul man from Northern NSW. He’s fighting mining companies who have moved in on his land after they signed a Native Title agreement.

There is more from uncle Yillah from May this year. After a long blockade by the local community at the proposed gas well in Bentley, Metgasco’s license to drill was suspended by the government and the company was referred to ICAC, the
Independent commission against Corruption. During their drilling program, Metgasco tried to use the name of the Githabul
tribe without the consent of the elders to help force gas-fields on an unwilling community. This is uncle Yillah’s rebuke to Metgasco boss, Peter Henderson, on the day of the suspension.

alice eather (Fl) – your story is my story
the lurkers (FA) – who’s got a padlock and chain?
john boyd – leave it in the ground
jumping fences (IF) – strike the beast hard

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One thought on “Environment: maimin’ and savin’”

  1. During May 2014, the State Government suspended Metgascos license to drill due to failure to comply with agreements. They also referred the company to ICAC. During the drilling program Metgasco tried to use the Githabul tribe to sell their toxic industry to an unwilling community. This video shows a senior Githabul tribal elder, Yillahs and his rebuke of Peter Henderson, CEO of Metgasco, for using his tribes name in that way.


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