Post G20: free trade and global finance.

Broadcast on 19 Dec 2015 with Corey and Ian –

China Free trade agreement
Once all the hype around the G20 died down there wasn’t much that actually happened inside the G20 to report on. One thing that did get a bit of media was the agreement of a new Free Trade Agreement between Australia and china. unfortunately, though this was reported in the media, we found out very little about what was actually in the deal. which isn’t entirely our media’s fault, after all trade negotiations are often cloaked in secrecy. Andy talked to Patricia Ranald from the Australian Fair trade and investment network about what’s actually contained in both the Free Trade Agreement with china and the Trans pacific partnership currently being negotiated.

I thought that one of the most vital points that Pat made in the interview is that while people talk of ideologies in trade and use ideology to justify things and push them through, in the end the only ideology that dictates our trade deals is the belief in power and greed. Nations or corporations are for unregulated free trade when it suits them but ignore it when it doesn’t. This is one reason why we should be very wary of these trade deals – because Australia is not the powerful partner in either relationship and in the end will not be the one that dictates the terms. It’s an interesting issue for those of us who hold more radical revolutionary political views because organisations like AFTINET promote a stronger state as a just solution. This is surely better than the rule of corporations, but in the end only really serves to strengthen capitalism. How can we attempt to resist unjust trade, push for better alternatives but keep in mind that the end goal is not fairer trade but an end to the commodification of our planet and our labour?

Discussion about the role of workers and their organisations (unions) in free trade agreements. See

Global Finance
Corey: This is an interview I did in the lead up to the G20 analysing global finance. This interview was with Dave Eden who is a local thinker and activist talking about an article from his blog

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