Taking Land

Palestine and the Levant in 1917PShift broadcast 4zzz fm 102.1 friday 12 Dec 2014.

Andy and Ian speak about the taking of land by the corporate state in Australia and in Israel.

Features two interviews.

The first with Phil Monsour about the the Palestinian story which is one of catastrophe and struggle following the Palestinian dispossession of 1948 and the creation of the homeland for Jewish settlers from Europe.

It has been subsumed beneath European and US support and sympathy for the Jewish people following persecution and genocide in Europe. Israel’s circumstance depends on massive military and economic support from the US to maintain its domination. In the Western media the full Palestinian narrative is overshadowed by Western support for the settlers.

The second is with a cattle farmer Ed Robinson who talks about AGL trying to take his land to put in CSG wells. Farmer Ed Robinson from Gloucester opposes AGL (CSG) on his land – he talks about damage to the Avon river and the complex geology of the area.

A temporary camp to accommodate anti-coal seam gas protesters at Gloucester in northern New South Wales has been approved by the local council. The campsite will be located on Ed Robinson’s farming property on Jacks Road adjacent to AGL’s Waukivory Pilot Project where it will frack four wells.

Episode Notes

Phil Monsour – Masters of war
Canorous – Terrorist is the CIA
Ducks In The Mud – Fences
Steve Towson – Christmas Island

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