Modern settler states: in Palestine … in Australia

[Broadcast on Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1) on Friday 5 Dec 2014 at noon.]

This show dealt with two examples of colonisation happening in modern states. In the 1940s, at a time when countries in Africa and Indochina were de-colonising, the international community came up with the severest form of colonisation: it was in Palestine. The United Nations gave permission to set up the apartheid state of Israel. At the same time, aboriginal people in Australia were not regarded as human beings. This is a story from two lands where people were herded from their homelands by the new colonisers, both groups from strong nation states in Europe. These two people, Palestinians and Aboriginals, had a strong connection to country, to the land. In the case of Palestinians for many centuries and in the case of Aboriginal people for many thousands of years.

Palestine and the Levant in 1917

Firstly were excerpts from a talk & songs by Phil and Joseph Monsour.

The talk went for one hour followed by a discussion of one and half hours.

It was a good discussion because people spoken frankly and independently.

There were 36 people present and I think everyone who wished to speak had their say.

Thanks to Phil and Joseph for giving such a thoughtful and human account of the Palestinian people. And thanks for Khalil sharing his experience and views.landRights2 copy

Thanks to Dan O’Neill for hosting this talk (and others from the Group of 17).

Secondly, was an interview by Andy with Tauto Sansbury about Freedom Summit held at the Old Bungalow, Mparntwe (Alice Springs, NT) in November 2014.


The show is podcast on demand at

Ancestress – Bringin’ buildings down Phil Monsour – Ghosts of Deir Yassin Last Kinnection – Are we there yet?

Ian read out part of the Communiqué from the Freedom Summit

“Israel Colonial Settler State and the New Apartheid.”

The full 2.5 hour recording of the talk is at

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