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Can Art change the World?

[Geoff Ebbs Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Friday 29 July 2016 at noon]

Can art change the world? Can art bring about social change? What is the social contract between artist and viewer? Between indigenous artist and settler? Today on the paradigm shift we have interviews with contemporary and experimental artists, Robert Henderson and Greg Manning plus Wayne Weaver, an artist from prison. Let’s go now to a new gallery called The Henderson at the Birrang Cafe to hear what these artist have to say”

Greg Manning is a Brisbane bus driver and artist. His art is a bit like bus driving really, as he tries to take us on a journey through familiar street and place names to better understand the questions of who we are and how did we get here. Andy spoke to greg about the exhibition he has currently running on Stradbroke island.