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Undercurrent in Schools

Andy does an interview with Marian from Undercurrent that goes into schools and talk about sex, violence, gendered violence … Undercurrent tries to get up a conversation about social issues, sex education and things that impact of young students lives.

Based in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Undercurrent is a diverse and experienced team of volunteers who develop and deliver a comprehensive program of workshops around issues of healthy relationships, domestic violence and sexual assault, gender and sexuality, and consent and communication. (http://www.undercurrentvic.com/)

Ian and Andy discuss Al Naka (The Catastrophe) 15 May 2106 when Palestinians lost their homeland in 1948 to armed zionist organisations. Al Nakba is remembered in King George Square that night and they go out with Rafeef Ziadah and Phil Monsour’s Shades of Anger about the current situation in Palestine.

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