Wicked Pickets and Anti-War actions

[PShift broadcast 4ZZZ fm 102.1 on 17 April 2015 with Nicole and Andy.Wicked Pickets and about war. The show covers issues taken up around Australia and the world by the activist community.] Listen to Paradigm Shift on demand at http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/paradigm-shift

Episode Notes

Wicked Pickets
Brisbane based community action group trying to get sexist and abusive advertising removed from camper vans.

Legal action taken against Wicked Campervans slogan – ‘inside every princess is a little slut who wants to try it just once’.

John Webb who is the owner of Wicked Campervans promised to take down advertising that is part of ‘rape culture’. He failed to keep his word … so Wicked Pickets decided to take up the fight against abusive advertising.

Wicked Campers is an Australian camper van rental company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The company also has outlets in other parts of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, North America, South Africa and South America. In 2014 a petition opposing their sexist and misogynist slogans attracted over 100,000 of signatures and protests in the Senate of the Australian Parliament. After pressure through the media, Wicked issued an apology and committed to removing the offensive slogans. As of January 2015, they have not done so. [Source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicked_Campers ]

Nicole from PShift interviews Anna McCormack from Wicked Pickets. They talk about the importance of the need to challenge community attitudes towards women. Anna calls for legislation against John Webb’s slogans. Attempts have been made to whitewash the vans. Wicked Pickets have met with the Attorney General to try to get legislative actions. There was a rally held in April and another is planned for July 2015. Please like the Wicked Pickets facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wickedpickets?fref=ts

Iraq War

Pilot: We are sorry!… The left side is Iraqi Army…. The right hand is ISIS (source: Iraqi media)

Andy interviews Ciaron O’Reilly about his resistance to the war in Iraq that has been going on since 1991. Sanctions regime against Iraq and periodic bombing campaign. Ciaron O’Reilly took part in damaging US warplanes at Shannon Airport in Ireland. Anzac 100th anniversary comes on at a time when the Iraq war still rages which Ciaron contends is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia backed by the US and Iran backed by Russia.

Ciaron talks about the exploitation of soldiers at Gallipoli barracks by Australian governments.

Andy interviews David Sprigg who participated in a trespass of top secret military base at Swan Island in Port Phillip Bay. Four were assaulted by the SAS from the ADF. The magistrate fined one person and other charges were dismissed. There is a civil case against the SAS who attacked the trespassers. The behaviour of the SAS is secretive and we know nothing of what is happening overseas. Are there plans for more resistance against war and the Anzac narrative in Canberra and elsewhere.

First aired on Analogue on…
Friday 17/4/15 12pm-1:05pm
Combat Wombat – Star wars
Palmar Grasp – Black flag tattoo
Georgia Maq – What do you mean (the bank’s out of money)
Bad Day Down – Australian is a state of mind
Stockades – Just following orders

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